Optex Wireless 1000 Chime Box with Relay Receiver

  • Compatible with TD-20U (Indoor/Outdoor Sensor Transmitter) and TS-10U (Hand-Held Transmitter).
  • Identifies zone (location) by 3 different tones and LED lights (3 zone + 1 continuous zone).
  • Total 12 transmitter learned (Each zone can learn 3 transmitter maximum).
  • Preset transmission codes are automatically "learned" by the receiver.
  • Over 8 million codes possible, eliminates interference from neighbors.
  • Latches into alarm with "Continuous Mode" option.
  • Programmable output mode for for activation without chime tone.
  • Adjustable duration for relay contact output.
  • Push button switches to select function settings.
  • Volume control, low battery indicator.
  • Powered by a 9VAC adaptor (included).

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