LiftMaster Three Channel Coaxial Receiver

  • This receiver can be used with a multi-function remote control (62LM, 63LM, 64LM, 82LM, 83LM, 33LM) to operate three residential garage door openers.
  • OR with a three button door control to OPEN, CLOSE, or STOP a commercial garage door opener. Use 33LM remote control for commercial open, close, and stop operation.
  • The receiver and antenna use TV Type F coaxial connectors. The antenna can be plugged directly into the receiver or mounted to a bracket and connected to the receiver with model 86LM coaxial cable kit for extended range.
  • Specifications: Output Rating - 5 Amps 28VAC or DC Max; Power - 18-30V, 30mA, 60Hz; RF Frequency - 390 MHz.
  • If the power is other than shown in specifications, accessory transformer model 95LM is required. Model 86LM coaxial cable kit is also available.
  • Accessory Transmitters - Series 50, 60, 80 and 33LM.
  • Compatible Keyless Entry System 66LM.

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