LiftMaster (almost) Universal Remote Control Transmitter and Keyless Entry

ATTENTION: The NEW LiftMaster (Almost) Universal Remote Control Transmitter (375LM) and Keyless Entry (387LM) are compatible with many current and older garage door opener systems. But, do not be fooled by the word "universal". They are NOT compatible with ALL brands and models of garage and gate opener remote control transmitters. This is a brand new product and the jury is still out on exactly what all it is or is not compatible with. The information provided below is accurate to the best of our current knowledge and research.

IMPORTANT: Please review the compatibility chart and information below prior to purchase. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Click on the picture or model of your universal remote or keyless entry system below (375UT, 387LM) to purchase or view more detailed information about installation instructions, owner's manual, and coding instructions.

Compatibility Information

LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Do-It, Master Mechanic, Access Master, Raynor, True Value, Sears Craftsman, Garage Master, True Guard, Steel Craft, and all Chamberlain brands.
Compatible with:
  • Security +: Red - Orange - Purple Learn Buttons. 390MHz or 315MHz (frequency) models.
  • Billion Code - Green Learn Button models-390MHz (frequency).
  • Red - Yellow - White or Grey Learn Button models-390MHz (frequency).
  • 9 Position Dip Switch Format models-390MHz (frequency).
  • 8 Position Dip Switch Format 1983-1989 models-390MHz (frequency).
  • 7 Position Dip Switch Format 1983-1989 models-390MHz (frequency).
  • Basically includes all garage door openers made by Chamberlain since 1983.

Not compatible with:
  • Chamberlain models, remotes, and receivers that begin with the letter "G" made prior to 1983.
  • Sears models that begin with the number "6" after the 139.(i.e. 139.6xxxx) made prior to 1983.
  • Chamberlain and Sears 12 Position Dip Switch Formats.

Genie, Alliance, Norelco, Blue Max, Lift-A-Door, Pro Max, Hercules, Pro Stealth, Excelerator, Chain Lift, Quiet Lift, Power Lift, Aladdin and Intellicode
Compatible with:
  • All Intellicode - Series II Remotes 390MHz or 315MHz (frequency).
  • All 9 or 12 Position Switch Formats 390 MHz (frequency) ONLY.

NOT compatible with:
  • Cryptar II Receivers (AR30, AR50, AR79, etc) that operate in mixed frequencies (i.e. 305, 310, 315, 290, 295, etc.). Exception: AR85 390 MHz (frequency) remotes and receivers.
  • Remote models AT35A, AT55, AT79, AT85 (other than 390 frequency).
  • Canadian Genie 315MHz frequency remotes (AT90-315).

Overhead Door, OverDrive, QuietLift, Silent Max, Power Max, Signature, Phantom, Legacy, Code Dodger.
Compatible with:
  • All CodeDodger (rolling code) series remotes, receivers, and models since 1995.

NOT compatible with:
  • Pre 1995 Overhead Door models, remotes and receivers that operate in mixed frequencies (340, 360, 380, 390, etc.).

Linear, Moore-O-Matic, LDO & LSO Series Openers, Westinghouse, MegaCode, Delta 3.
Compatible with:
  • All MegaCode Series Remotes - 318MHz (frequency).
  • All Linear 8 Position Switch Formats - 310MHz (frequency).
  • All Delta 3 Receivers - 310MHz (frequency).
  • 1976 to 2017.

Compatible with:
  • All 10 Position Switch Formats - 300MHz (frequency).
  • 1976 to 2017.

Stanley, Vemco, Quiet Glide, Lightmaker, Innovate Home Products, Whistler, U-Install, Popular Mechanics, SecureCode.
Compatible with:
  • 10 Position Switch Formats - 310MHz (frequency) 1976 to 2017.
  • SecureCode Format (Rolling Code) 1998 to 2017.

Wayne Dalton, Quantum, ClassicDrive, iDrive, iDrive Torsion, Door Master, proDrive.
Compatible with:
  • Wayne Dalton models 1999 to 2017 372MHz (frequencies) ONLY.

NOT compatible with:
  • Pre 1999 303MHz (frequency) models, remotes and receivers.

NOT compatible with the following brands:
  • Allstar, Allister, Pulsar, Challenger, PDQ, MVP, Marantec, Hormann, Tec-Key, Martec, Telectron, ESP Micom, All-O-Matic.

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