LiftMaster Wireless Secondary Wall Control Panel

  • Wireless wall control compatible with all 315 MHz garage door openers.
  • Specifically designed for customers who want an extra control panel in the garage.
  • Can be installed anywhere in the garage.
  • Auxiliary button can be programmed to open and close a second 315 MHz garage door opener.
  • This will NOT work with 390 MHz garage door openers.
  • Batteries included.
  • This wall control is not meant to be a substitute for a wired wall control panel because:
    • Remotes cannot be programmed from this unit.
    • Garage door cannot be opened if battery dies.
    • Light button must be programmed by a wired multi-function wall control panel.
    • There is no lock feature to lock out remote controls.
    • No constant LED - cannot be seen in the dark.
    • There is no constant pressure to override the safety sensor in an emergency.

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